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Welcome to
Snap Shots Photos

Welcome to snap shots photos, a vibrant, energetic and innovating Photography and media company offering services to the commercial and public sector in

photography, video and design. 

Our Story

Snap Shots photos began in 2007 by Ferah & Christina, a husband and wife team who recognised a demand in many industries within photography from honesty, value and passion. When photographing their first wedding for a Family member it was at this point that they noticed they had something and decided to venture in to the wonderful world of photography. 

As the years went by, recognition was playing it's part in both the private and commercial sector and snap shots was finally established as a photography company that you can rely on.

The company offered their photography services from weddings, fashion shoots to commercial shoots and quickly noticing growth and demands in other areas.

In 2012 Snap shots introduced a new service for the property market and providing a wide range of products and services for estate agents and developers. During this period they quickly established themselves as one of the leading suppliers of marketing details to this industry.

With the introduction of many new services from video production to design services, snap shots photos have grown in to a innovative media company supplying quality products and services across multiple sectors.


To date nothing has changed with the passion and drive of the company but what has changed is the ambition to learn and grow. Introducing new ideas and building up a large clientele along with reputation is the fundamental key to the companies success. This is what keeps them going and continue to move forward.

Our services are available in the UK and we operate mostly in the London and West Essex region.

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We are always here to assist your needs

07930 305 267

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