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Aerial Drone Photography

One shot could be the difference in getting your properties viewed & generated into sales. No matter how big or small the property, something special happens when you see it from above. You are not only selling the house, you are selling the lifestyle & surroundings of the property. There is no better way to see this than from the skies!

Snap Shots have the best competitive prices for Aerial photos that will not be matched in the UK



With every shoot we have to plan how to get the best from the property. Under the CAA regulations we complete off site & on site risk assessments & information needed to proceed with the job.  

Our prices include all the paperwork & edited photos taken which are sent to you by 
‘We Transfer’ in low resolution.  If High res images are needed, we are able to send these on request at no extra cost. 





On average a reasonable sized 3 bed detached property will have approximately 20 images. The larger the property, the more 
images are taken.

What kind of photos are taken?
We try to give you as much marketing options as possible & shoot all properties in a 
standard way depending on the size.

front dronefront drone The front of the property is covered in 4 ways. Head on, from each side & Panoramic.Each of these shots are taken in increments of 50 feet going up in height to a max 400 feet.

rear dronerear drone The rear is shot in the exact same way as the front offering you panoramic views of the property & land.

bird dronebird drone The final shots we take are a birds eye view of the property and surrounding land. Depending on the size we have a maximum height of 400 feet to work with.


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Aerial Photography Price Bands:

Grade 1 - Small Residential Properties For  under 1 Acre        £100

Grade 2 - Medium Properties between 1 -10 Acres                £180

Grade 3 - Large Properties  over 10 acres                            £240


Snap Shots Air Drone Videography

Snap Shots Photos offer aerial videography services to the commercial market to showcase their properties in motion. An aerial photograph captures a scene but with video you see the motion and gives you a 1st perspective view looking around the grounds and property. We offer this service as raw footage for you to edit or a fully edited filme to suit your brand. The prices include video recording and photography stills.

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With every shoot we have to plan how to get the best from the property. Under the CAA regulations we complete off site & on site risk assessments & information needed to proceed with the job. Raw unedited footage are recorded in HD 1080 25 frames per second for a film look. Short clips are recorded of the property and grounds and presented to you to edit your own videos.
All still photos taken are edited and returned to you in low resolution with high res images at request.

Edited Film footage
Using the Video footage, the recorded clips are presented in a short showcase up to approximately 60 seconds. The final video can include any brand logos and text to match your company with or without background music. The film is edited to industry standard to showcase any property. 
All the footage we capture is sent to you by ‘We Transfer’.

How we shoot the clips:
We show the property from all angles giving you that sweeping panoramic feel with forward and backward motions to show scale and bring the viewer into
the film. With wide and close up shots we make sure every angle is covered from the surrounding land to the property details.


                                            Raw footage    Edited film
Small properties under 1 acre                       £150                          £250        

large properties 1 to 10 acres                       £250                          £350 

very large properties and land 10 acres plus  £300                          £400