Snap Shots Photos | Graphi Studio Wedding album terms and conditions

Graphi Studio Wedding Album Terms & Conditions

At Snap Shots Photos we always strive to offer the very best in quality with competitive prices along with a customer service that far exceeds others.

Our Graphi Studio Story Book Albums are truly a fabulous product made by fine Italian craftsmanship making them the leading suppliers and producers of wedding albums. We are proud and honoured to be working along side the Graphi Brand and using these albums for our business and clients.


When ordering a wedding album from Snap Shots Photos

All albums ordered through Snap Shots Photos are private and confidential during design stages. We do not discuss any details with a 3rd party regarding your orders and all designs are carried out in our studio

In regards to the album, a consultation is always offered so you can get to see our sample range giving you a perfect opportunity to decide what kind of album you might like.

Our sample books help with layout options, front cover options, pages thickness and lots more unique additions to make your album personal to you. Any enquiries outside of the M25, for consultation, will be at an additional travel costs.

When ordering a Graphi Studio Story Book Album with us we keep you updated with the progress of your album design by sending you jpeg low resolution proofs for every 5 double spreads designed.

This makes it easier for us to maintain the flow of the album according to your requirements and lets you be part of the designing process of the book. Once the pages are approved then we move on to the next pages to design.

The Graphi software and proof pages work in a low resolution format meaning that images will not be the same quality as the original photos. This is so the program works efficiently and at the highest speed possible. In some areas in the layouts because of the low res program photo alignment might not accurate but this will be corrected through the programs calculation tools and not visually.

When the final proof of the completed book is sent it is the customers responsibility to check the album design and any photos used. Once the book has the customers approval and is sent to Graphi Studio in Italy where no further changes or amendments can be made and Snap Shots Photos will not liable for wrong images sent to us to use for the album or a change of design by the customer from the original requests after a book order is completed and sent to Graphi Studio.

This is why we do the 5 page proofing system during designing and then a final proof of the entire book to make sure everything is perfect.

For a true Graphi Studio Story Book Album look, the page layouts consist of a maximum photo quantity to give the album a free and uncluttered look. On average Graphi Studio recommend 2-3 pictures per  single page so the album flows.

We will present options of layouts to help with your photo selection and design options and always suggest as many options as possible for you.

To work out your photo count for your album multiple the amount of pages you have by 3. So for a 20 page album (10 leaves) the maximum photo count for this would be 60 photos in the album.

If you have chosen 100 images then the approx album page would be 34 pages


Snap Shots Photos offer the very best in quality with their Wedding albums and use the highest printing technology on the market.

The printed output of your album can only reflect in quality as the original photos.  Photographs with lack of sharpness and lighting will be affected in print but we will do our best to advise on the quality as much as we can.

Snap Shots Photos cannot be responsible for the final print of your album should the images used not being taken from a professional standard.

On average your images should be a minimum of 3500 pixels in longest length, ideally 300dpi for print 72dpi is acceptable depending on how large the image is to be printed in the album and size of the book.  

To check these details on your photos right click on an image chosen and choose properties. The details tab will give you all the information and meta data for any image including the recommended information above.

All album proofs are sent to the customer via our business drop box site with a link to view pages.

We aim to design the albums quickly as possible but with attention to detail. Our averages turn around for designing these albums are between 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the calendar year.

We understand that changes are sometimes suggested and required by both Snap Shots Photos and the client in order to complete the book.

Any albums taken longer than 3 months from the start date to design due to changes, image replacement and no communication with the client The depoist will be held and non refundable for the work carried out. If the album is to go ahead with designing and production an additional 15% will be charged to the balance, for the extended design process and time.

This is due to the fact we have had previous albums/clients taking a year to complete due to clients not replying to proofs for weeks or wanting to change complete layouts after book completion or remove and add photos continuously.  This effects the design process dramatically and therefore effects our company work schedule. The 4 page proof system helps when designing the album which is why we work this way.


Customers have up to 1 year to have a graphi album desiged and signed off. Beyond this dealine we have the right to 1) to refuse to continue with the graphi order with no refund on payments recieved 2) If the books is to continue after this 1 year period then an addition percentage will be charged for the production and design of the album as a penalty.


Once your album is completed and approved, the books are then uploaded to the Graphi Studio servers and the orders are irreversible.

The production time by Graphi Studio to manufacture the albums are approximately 12 to 15 weeks. This time can change depending on their work load and Graphi Studio Albums could potentially be produced in a quicker or longer time frame than stated.

When an order for an album is placed we ask for a 50% deposit (non refundable) to cover our time in the design process. Once the design or the album is completed the remaining balance is then required.  Once the balance has been paid, the album is then sent off for production.

Where possible and depending on location to our offices we always like to hand deliver the albums. We do this as it reduces the costs in delivery for you as the albums can range in weight and size.

We also like the offer a personal service from start to finish. Should the location of delivery be outside our designated coverage, a signed for courier service would be used. 

We try to design the albums to the clients request as far as the software or image quality will allow us. In regards to the front cover text the Graphi Studio system works independently with font options. The program does offer a wide range of Font styles. If there is a font style you prefer we can always try to see if this option is available within the program or use something similar.

Once a deposit of 50% is paid, should the album be designed and finished and the client then decide they no longer want the album Snap Shots Photos will retain the deposit for the work carried out for the designs and is non refundable.