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Name Frames

Name frames
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What is Name Frames

Name frames are a wonderful personalised gift suitable for anyone. We offer these bespoke gifts in both digital to download and print or print and framed ready to be displaye. Once we go through what kind of name, heading or saying you would like we will assist you on the image count and type to put together this creation. All our designs are hand made and not computer generated making sure every aspect of the image is clear and carefully put together. 

How to Order

Once you have clicked the order button we will discuss what kind of design text you would like. We use the largest font options available to gives us the largest space to place the images in.  Normally each letter consists of 1 image but depending on the images sometimes we have to carefully arrange mulitple images across each letter to create a more visual image. To start we ask for the number of images according to the word you require and from there if we feel we can arrange more or the design benefits from more images we will discuss this. 

Once the design in completed we upload the image to our private store gallery for you to view and proof. These galleries are copyrighted with water marks and just to show your design for approval. Once payment has been made the design will be sent by email. 

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The options for designing our name frames are endless. From designs with names, to mum, dad, nan, brother or any other titles or slogan we can create them all. Name frames are a work of art to display your images along with a message giving  your room a creative piece to look at and showcase. The option to add additional text on your design is also available like a date of birth, wedding date or anything you like ,making this gift even more bespoke and personalised. 

The designs can be ordered in the following methods:

Digital product to download and print

Printed product ready for you to frame

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