Pod cast message films

Do you struggle what to get someone for their birthday, or maybe you have something special to say about someone. Then this gift might be perfect for you

Our Pod Cast message films are a great gift for someone when you have something special to tell them. These Films are put together using your footage and created into a wonderful message with, photos, film and music. 

These Pod films can be used for any occasion like birthdays, graduations, baby celebration, good luck on the new job and lots more. Or you might just want to tell someone special you love them. With unlimited people in your video this this is a ideal personalised gift which can be very cost effective when spread across everyone involved.

You will receive a 1080 HD film which we put together ourselves, no automated software just thrown in. The music soundtrack and video dialogue are levelled and mixed to broadcast standard with all music background levelled when the videos have talking, bring the music more in the background then increases when videos have no sound to give you professional visual experience. 

Our rates for the Films 
10 minute pod cast video £50 
This includes 3 to 4 songs chosen by you, along with all the photos and videos you supply
For films with multiple people we recommend approx 90 seconds to 2 minutes each which includes 1 minute 30 second video and 5 images. On average that’s around £10 per person. If your videos are less than a minute you have the option for some more photos. 

The video intro can have any title you like and also name flashes for each person’s message.