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Portrait & Fashion Photography


Family Portraits

When it comes to  Family portraits we take special care to capture priceless memories that will leave a legacy for your Family generations to come. We all struggle to have nice photos of our Family trying to get everyone in place and facing the camera and the use of mobile phone although captures the moment they very rarely offer the professional look we all would like. 

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Shoot options 

Our shoot comes in various options to suite your requirements and budget. We believe in operating as a mobile service which has its benefits rather than a fixed studio.

Why we don't believe in a fixed studio or shop

With our portrait shoots we have always operated as a mobile service coming to our clients homes, location or rented studio. Our vision as a company is to offer the very best rates and quality and by being mobile we eliminate the high costs of operating from a fixed shop and space and introduce lower prices for our customers. This business formula has always worked for us and the benefits are just the same with many perks.

Having a shoot at your home eliminates travel for our customers but also gives comfort being at home as having a photo shoot is not always comfortable for everyone , and with the option of outfit changes in the presence of your home makes the process much more easier. This method proves most valuable when children and babies are involved where being in their environment helps with the shoot and also more accommodating for nappy changes, feeding and general adaptation when younger children are involved. 

Variations of shoots

Pop up studio

A pop up studio offers a professional studio look right in the comfort of your own home or location. We set up a large white/colour background screen and flooring accompanied by multi flash lighting to achieve the studio look that you would not even notice from your own home. Depending on the size of the shoot we have restrictions on how large the set up can be and this can be discussed with you. 

On location shoots

On location shoots offer the same professional shoot but without the use of backdrops. Lighting and flash guns are still used depending on the location but with on location shoots we have the option to move around and use the surrounding to create a more diverse shoot. On location shoots can be in and around the house interior and exterior shoots offering much more variety in photo options. On location shoots can also be at a chosen place like a park and outdoor space (some outdoor locations require permits which will be looked into)

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