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Photographing your properties

When we photograph a property we make sure that quality is the key aspect of what we deliver. With the demand in quality through present day technology with printing and on screen, your property has to stick out on all formats. When it comes to joint agency listings, you need your listing to be noticed more than the others. 
We use the very best equipment to maintain this quality from strobe lighting, mid elevated shots to showcase the exteriors and always shoot in raw format for the best quality you can 
get. Every care is taken in photographing your property along with
post production editing to ensure our services are noticed by your customers. We arrange the shoots at the earliest convenience with your vendors and aim to deliver your images within a 24 hour period. All images are presented at request in high resolution or lower resolution depending on what you require to do with the images. 


With all Exteriors, we make sure there is blue skies no matter what the weather. We have a blue sky for all seasons to give your property a punching attraction to your potential buyers. Using elevated Pole photography on all properties as standard, The perspective of seeing the grounds and home from a height of 15 feet gives the image an edge compared to floor level. We make sure we supply you with multiple exterior shots to showcase the grounds and property while giving you options how you would like to market the listing and changes images around as time goes on. 


All front exterior shots are photographed from the left, center and right side from floor level then the same again using the pole. This gives you a possible 6 variations on how you want to market the front exterior of the property and part of the special service we offer all included in the price. 

property  (23)property (23) Our interior photography does not stop when it comes to quality and variation. We make sure the rooms are dressed to the best it can moving objects and furniture if it means getting a better marketable shot. Each room has alternative angles to showcase features and space, this has to be displayed in the images so we give you multiple images for each room.


Using Flash lighting we make sure the room is filled with light to compliment the room's ambiance and natural light. Giving your viewers a view of the room as if they are standing inside to see the image and space and bring them closer to there dream home. 

With all properties, we make sure all rooms are photographed in multiple ways so you have the maximum images to market your property, and your viewers get to see every aspect of there potential new home. With all our presentation bookings all personal details of each vendor are disclosed and photographs and identities displaced around the home are blurred out to maintain privacy.

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Photography pricing includes:

  • Photography of all rooms, hallways & cloakrooms inside the property from multiple angles
  • All exterior photography, rear & front including elevated photos (floor level to 15 feet high) from left, center and right angles
  • Each individual photo will be edited. These edits include general brightness, contrast, saturation color correction, digital blue skies (exterior photos only)
  • Small blemishes and airbrushing will be included where possible only on minor areas
  • Images will be delivered to each client online within on the day of service or within a 24 hour period 


1 bedroom house/apartment/studio          = £55 
2/3 bedroom house/apartment                  = £70
4/6 bedroom house/apartment     

up to 3500sqf                                               = £95 

4/6 bedroom house/apartment

properties between 3500sqf to 6000sqf    = £130

7/8 Bedrooms or Larger homes/Manors/Mansions   

over 6000sqf                                                = £200

Hotels                                                           = start from £400

Areas of service:

Outside these areas, we charge 50p Per mile from the furthest boundary we operate
to and from the booking location to cover travel costs and time.

Snap Shots will not be liable for altering an image in any way to mislead or portray the properties other than how they are photographed. No changes will be made structurally to any building or physical structure to mislead the viewer.