Snap Shots Photos Terms & Conditions

1). A non refundable deposit of 20% is due to secure any photography booking with Snap Shots Photos. The balance will be due 21 days before the event date. The deposit is to secure the date on the business calendar and no other bookings will be placed on the date agreed with the client. If the balance has not been paid 21 days before the event Snap Shots Photos will not proceed with the booking.

2). Every care is taken in photographing and processing using professional materials. In the unlikely event of total photographic loss, illness or injury or other situation beyond the control of Snap Shots Photos the liability shall be limited to a full refund of all money paid back to you.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

3). Snap Shots Photos cannot be held responsible for any lack of coverage due to the bride, groom or other members of the wedding party not being on time, to the church, registry office or licensed place or wedding restrictions regarding photography. We will propose photography opportunities throughout the event to maintain photographic requests by the client, should the client decline any opportunity for photos to be taken we will not be liable for anything missed.

4). The Bride and Groom/recipient of the images understand that there is no obligation for Snap Shots Photos to keep/record or store any of the raw file for their wedding images or photographs taken by them for a period no longer than 1 year should Snap Shots Photos wish to delete them. (RAW files are the highest of quality images we work from so if any requests are made to edit photos a year after your event these files would have been deleted and edits can only be made from a normal jpeg which is limited when editing).

5). Snap Shots Photos does not undertake to guarantee any specific picture nor incorporate any specific background, location or group arrangement unless otherwise planned.

6). In the event of rain, snow or any other weather disturbances, Snap Shots Photos will make the necessary changes to the photographic session and will make all the necessary changes but cannot be responsible for any disappointment caused by adverse weather conditions.

7). All of the photographs produced by Snap Shots Photos throughout the event are protected by the British and International Copyright Laws and remain the intellectual property of Snap Shots Photos unless the payment for the services rendered was made in full by the Client prior to the production of the photographs, in which case the copyright ownership of the resulting images is automatically transferred to the Client if a commercial service was booked with a release form from us. No images or photographs produced by snap shots photos can be sold or used for commercial use or to generate business. Any images used for commercial usage please contact us to arrange an appropriate license (which will hold an additional fee). Please also note the images must not be edited or amended in any form by the Client.

8). Snap Shots Photos reserves the right to use any resulting photography for promotional and display purposes such as online galleries, at wedding fairs, within printed promotional material and stock images etc.

9). It is agreed and understood that the deposit paid at the time of booking is non refundable in the event of cancellation by the client.

10). It is agreed and understood that in the event of cancellation by Snap Shots Photos any monies or deposits paid will be returned to the client

11). It is agreed and understood that all the online transactions are the responsibility of the merchant (Paypal)

12). It is agreed and understood that after a 1 year period from the date of the marriage that all products and extras associated with the package purchased can or will expire if not ordered from Snap Shots Photos. Including photo books/canvas wraps etc.

13). It is understood a period of no longer than 8 weeks is allowed for the return of edited images from the wedding date for all packages unless advised otherwise (during peak time).

14). If purchasing a photography package for more than 5 hours food and refreshments should be supplied by the client.

15). Permission to print is given to the clients where stated. However please note this does not give the client permission to edit or change the photos in anyway.

16). For Commercial and property photography we will have the images in a proofing gallery for our clients to review. Once we have received full payment we will set the gallery for download and images on disks will be sent.

17). Posting your images on facebook and social sites. We encourage our clients to upload there images to social websites to show there special day and events and if and when possible to mention snap shots in your posts would be appreciated.

18). Altering and re editing your photos from us with filters and effects like using instagram is strictly prohibited as the images are already edited wi the snap shots standards. Any further photo manipulation reflects our work in a misleading unprofessional way


19) If no paper work has been returned to snap shots in regards to your event 5 months before your wedding date or 2 months before christening/birthday events The booking will have to be cancelled. Without the information we require to ensure your day goes smoothly and know where we have to be and when is vital to the booking. For the standard of service we offer we are unable to offer our services without information on the booking. Any deposits paid will be non refunable due to any neglegence from clients. If a booking is to be cancelled on snaps shots behalf due to illness the deposit will be paid back in full.


For the Terms & Conditions for our Graphi Studio Story Book Albums please click on this link


Delivery Policy 
If a delivery is required, Snap Shots Photos will always use Royal Mail Special delivery services or suitable secure courier service for larger/heavy items to insure the product arrives safely and is well insured in the unlikely event of damage or loss. Contact is always made with the customer prior to making any delivery arrangements to make sure the time is suitable for a signing.

If you have any concerns over our delivery policy contact can be made direct at [email protected]



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