Commercial Photography

When it comes to commercial photography we understand the importance of your business and products. We offer our services to this market to give you the very best in quality and options to help you promote and generate your business. 

Yum Yum SHoot-42Yum Yum SHoot-42


Staff portrait shoots

Having the best marketing for your company or business is a key element in your presentation to the public. Snap Shots Photos offer their services in staff portrait shoots professionally taken on-site at your office location. We use our backdrop and lighting kit to ensure the very best quality for your staff portraits giving you that professional look you need. We will crop the images and present them in a private gallery for you to choose the images you like. Once you have chosen these images we will start to finalize the editing process.     

£40 each member of staff (minimum 3 staff members)  
If you only require 1 or 2 members our rates are £50 per staff member

  • Studio set up on location or a suggested location by the client

  • Photo shoots take approximately 10 minutes per individual per setting                                                                                           

  • Photography of staff members full length, half-length and headshots                                                                           

  • Photographed facing camera, Left and right angles

  • Images are all edited and presented in color and black & white (minor blemishes and spot removal included)

  • Options for skin airbrushing and complex editing is available on request (please ask for more details)                                      

  • You will get to choose 2 edited images both the color and black and white version included in your studio session with the option to buy more images at £5 per image                                            


IMG_1279-3IMG_1279-3 IMG_1305-3IMG_1305-3




product shoot march 2015-049product shoot march 2015-049

Product & Commercial Photography

Having your products and brand photographed professionally is a very important aspect of your

business as this is what your clients will be attracted to. We provide the highest quality service when

photographing your products and brand, to give you multiple options for advertising and marketing. 

Yum Yum SHoot-76Yum Yum SHoot-76 Yum Yum SHoot-78Yum Yum SHoot-78 Yum Yum SHoot-79Yum Yum SHoot-79

How we photograph your products and services

With showrooms, products and staff portrait images we try to cover the subjects with multiple

angles and options to give you control of the images and look of your brand.

With products, we focus on the detail, so your business and brand is exposed showing your full potential.


Schmidt -0029Schmidt -0029 Schmidt -0312Schmidt -0312 KITCHEN 2-92KITCHEN 2-92

All products are photographed professionally using product photography studios andequipment. Depending on what is required, we can photograph your products on various colour backgrounds (most common being black or white acrylic).


Other options available are various colour backgrounds, mirrored surfaces or staged sets or green screen composite to change the background digitally.



All images taken include post-production editing with a selection of color and black and white. These images will be transferred to each client through a download link in both high resolution for print and low resolution for web use.






1/4 Day   
3 hours £420

1/2 Day   
5 hours £700

9 hours £1260










Our rates include all photography sessions and standard post-production editing. These rates do not include any green screen composite, graphics editing or detailed editing. Day rate hours can be used towards advanced editing once we discuss your requirements 


Set up time of the studio and equipment are not charged in our rates 

Only when we first click the camera! 


Rates include

  • Unlimited Photos taken of products and commercial buildings with additional stock images for advertising

  • We have a mobile background and product photography studio which we can use on-site (for staff portraits only)

  • Price includes the photography session, travel (within the M25 area not including parking or additional travel charges) and all post-production editing



Product photography

With each product shoot we offer 3 different angles/shots per product

£25 per item for under 10 items 

£20 per item between 10 and 50 items

£15 per item between 50 and 200 items

For items with larger quantities, we can offer a bespoke quote depending on the volume and time frame

For products on models our rates are an additional 30% due to the process of post-production and editing

clour background 1clour background 1

For green screen composite work our photography rates are the same as above

Replacing a photo image background per image £20

Replacing a Colour background per image £10

Graphic Design editing starts from £50 per hour


clour background 4clour background 4 test backgroundtest background IMG_0167IMG_0167




clour background 3clour background 3


Yum Yum SHoot-79Yum Yum SHoot-79 test backgroundtest background WORKTOPS-24WORKTOPS-24 WORKTOPSWORKTOPS Yum Yum SHoot-3Yum Yum SHoot-3 Yum Yum SHoot-14Yum Yum SHoot-14 Yum Yum SHoot-42Yum Yum SHoot-42 Yum Yum SHoot-76Yum Yum SHoot-76 Yum Yum SHoot-78Yum Yum SHoot-78 IMG_1279-3IMG_1279-3 IMG_1218IMG_1218 IMG_1275-7IMG_1275-7 COM A (31)COM A (31) COM A (4)COM A (4) clour background 4clour background 4

Schmidt -0312Schmidt -0312 IMG_1300-3IMG_1300-3 IMG_1305-3IMG_1305-3 KITCHEN 1-52KITCHEN 1-52 KITCHEN 2-18KITCHEN 2-18 KITCHEN 2-92KITCHEN 2-92 Lester col (4)Lester col (4) product shoot march 2015-012product shoot march 2015-012 product shoot march 2015-033product shoot march 2015-033 product shoot march 2015-049product shoot march 2015-049 Schmidt -0009Schmidt -0009 Schmidt -0029Schmidt -0029 IMG_0167IMG_0167 clour background 1clour background 1 clour background 3clour background 3




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**Please note**

We encourage our clients to upload their images to social websites to show there special day and if and when possible to mention Snap shots would be appreciated. 

Re-editing and altering the images with filters and effects like when using Instagram is strictly prohibited as the images are already edited with Snap shots standards. Further photo manipulation reflects our work in a misleading unprofessional way.  

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