Property Presentation 

Snap Shots Property presentation offers the highest quality in marketing details to estate agents and developers. With 15 years of experience in the property market photographing over 300 properties a year, we have built up a reputation in the industry to help our clients reach the highest levels in sales.

With multiple services for this industry we can offer you quality and quantity at the best rates in the market.


Interior/Exterior Photography & Editing


Video walkthroughs

virtual staging


Why choose Snap Shots Photos

When marketing your properties you only get one shot to get potential buyers in the door. Our success rate of properties selling with our clients is at very high levels, especially when going head to head with other agents.

9 Princes twilight (9).jpg
9 Princes Ave (2).jpg

Why does professional photography matter

With the property market growing so does the competition. With increasing demand for quality in what we see your business can't afford to lose instructions and sales on your image. Photography was and still is the most powerful tool for selling properties and with technology so advanced with how your customers view products your images should also be at the highest quality. We make sure all your images are bright and vibrant to catch the eye of the viewer no matter what format they are viewed on,

9 Princes Ave (43).jpg

Skies are blue and the grass is always greener with Snap Shots Photos

3 Hilltop cottages ferah (28).jpg

This is where snap shots come in

We offer various marketing services to agents and developers from photography, floor plans, drone shoots to video production. We have something for everyone no matter how big or small the job.. We do not have a limit count on our images and present many photographs of each room and exterior, giving you options how you like to market. All images are individually edited making the whole process bespoke to each property. 

Interior Coverage

All rooms photographed multiple angles including Hallways and cloakrooms and bathrooms

Sky Blue

All exterior photos are editing to make the images pop with HDR photography and blue sky edits


Multiple images are taken of rear and front exteriors including elevated pole shots at 10 feet


Your images will be handed back to you edited within a 24 hour period

Post Production Edits

Your images are all edited with a 2 phase editing process in Lightroom and photoshop 


We offer discounts when using our services regularly with further monthly discounts and offers

Photography Rates

Properties under 3000 sqf

1 Bed property

2 /3 Bed property

4+ Bed property


3000 sqf to 6000 sqf

Larger homes

6000sqf to 12000 sqf


over 12000 sqf 

For larger properties and commercial rates please contact us

Rates include photography

post production editing and travel 

*15 mile boundary from our offices

Outside this boundary we charge 80per mile from our boundary to the service and back to the boundary for time and travel. (billed separately)










Photo Editing

We all want our images to look great and sometimes we are unable to cover your area or maybe you want to keep your costs down. Our editing services offer agents and developers an option to have your photos editing to the highest standards. From object removal to blue skies we have a grade tier system depending on what you require.

Grade 1

Post production editing of your image with mulitple edits from brightness, levelling colour correction and more

£1.50 per image

Grade 2

All Grade 1 edits plus the addition of blue skies or skies coloured more blue.

This option is more for external images

£2 per image

Grade 3

All the edits of Grade 1 and grade 2 if external but with object removal. Up to 6  man sized objects or less like bins, toys etc

£5 per image

Grade 4

All grade 1 edits and grade 2 if external but the removal of larger objects like cars

From £10 per image

Grade Board editing

Board removal and replacing from £1.00 (Grade 2 if airbrushing is needed)

Board Sold slip 50p

Grade 4 Editing


Twilight Shoots

When we view a property during daylight we get a feel of the space but without ambience. When it comes to lighting in and around a home something magical happens with illumination with colour, shadows and highlights. 

Lighting in recent years has become a feature with properties with exterior lighting and feature lights inside and the only way to capture this is with a twilight shoot. Our shoots are carried out with a very limited time frame and has to be planned according to sunset and layout. Our consist of using both tripods and flash placement along with HDR capture. 

Front or back


Non summer period

(Oct-Apr) £30

Summer period

(May-Sept) £40

Front and back


Non summer period

(Oct-Apr) £50

Summer period

(May-Sept) £70

Interior room

Non summer period

(Oct-Apr) £20

Summer period

(May-Sept) £30

Interior booked with exterior


Non summer period

(Oct-Apr) £15

Summer period

(May-Sept) £20

Drone Photography & Videography


One-shot could be the difference in getting your properties viewed & generated into sales. No matter how big or small the property, something special happens when you see it from the skies. 

All our drone shoots include the required paperwork along with off-on site risk assessments to maintain the regulations by the CAA and also the safety of our team and clients. All shoots subject to location and weather.

A good aerial shoot can make the difference when showcasing a property in it's surroundings

Our drone services cover both photography and videography giving you options in what kind of marketing material you require. Our rates cover every possible request from a aerial shoot offering competitive pricing and services.

For larger properties and land please contact our office 

Watermans End House aerial (2).jpg

Aerial Property Photography

We understand that each property is unique big or small. By giving you options on coverage you can decide what is more cost effective for your needs.

Single shoot under 5 acres 

coverage from left/right and centre from 50ft to 300ft
Approx 6 images

Full shoot under 5 acres

Full coverage 360 degrees from

50ft to 400ft

approx 20 images

SIngle £60

Full £100

Aerial Property Videography

Our aerial videography offers you coverage of your properties in motion, filmed in a

cinematic style.

  • 4K Cinema 4096x2160 24fps

  • 4K UHD 3840x2160 24/25/30fps

  • FHD 1920x1080 24/25/30/48/50/60fps

  • Max video bitrate: 100 Mbps

  • Video format: MP4 (H264)

Individual clips (raw unedited) to edit yourself. Editing services also vailable at request.

Single £80

Full £120


Our Drone services are available for commercial businesses and companies that require more detailed projects.

  • Building inspections

  • Building and construction repairs

  • Site survey

  • Events

  • Land disputes

  • larger properties and land

Floor Plans


When marketing your properties, floorplans are one of the most important aspect of your listing to your viewers.

Having a professional and accurate floorplan gives your buyers all the information needed for the layout of the property with as much detail as possible

2 Great Lawns, Ongar 2d.jpg

When it comes to your floor plans we measure everything including bathrooms, cloakrooms, ensuites and gardens. We want to make sure that nothing is missed and when viewers see the plans they have everything they need. All fixtures from worktops, baths, wardrobes are included on the plans as well as compass bearings, Measurement guides and details on all plans. We include measurement location marks to visually show how the room is measured along with a plan key to identity certain features and  icons. Our plans can be personalised according to your branding and available in 2d and 3d.

Garage that are integrated with the house are also shown on the plans where development is an option along with any external buildings. Each plan with additional space is shown in the individual footage and also combined. 

31 Rayfield, Epping 2d.jpg
43 Monkhams Drive, Woodford Green 3d_edited.jpg

Floor plans are measured at 2 pence per sqf for the first 3000sqf then 1.3 pence there after

Cinematic Video Films


When it comes to marketing your properties, photography and floorplans are the most common form for listings but there is other ways to really make you stand out.

Our Cinematic collection is a service that can really put your listings on the market and lets your buyers sit back, relax and see properties in full motion in film walkthrough. Our films showcase the properties in detail just like a movie with visual effects, sound effects to tailored soundtracks.

Each property is unique and has it's own character, so its natural for each film to be the same way


1080FHD / 720HD
24/25/30 frames per second
Mp4 File format
sound: stereo 48.000 kHz

Extra Features

We offer multiple customisation from call out text, overlay text and 3D text to showcase features 

File Sizes

Depending on the service booked the video sizes range from 90mb to 500mb


We have a very large music library which is licensed to each project and becomes a feature for the film

Post Production Edits

All films are edited to the highest standards using premier pro and after effects


We offer variations to our films according to budget and size form teasers, trailers to full package films

Cinematic Film Extras

Call Out Text

Call out titles give your video a professional and interactive look and feel to your viewers. These animations target specific features to a property like underfloor heating, automatic blinds to anything you feel like highlighting in your film. 

£4.00 each

Animated and Static Overlay Text

Text box overlays are perfect when you want to describe your property or features in a basic but engaging feel. These static and animated overlays are great for adding key features like bedroom count or location of the property.

£1.50 each

Mapped 3D text

Mapped 3d text is the ultimate professional look when it comes to showing your features. This animated process involves mapping the 3d space of your videos to then placing any text on to any object as if it's already there. This kind of editing is used all the time in Hollywood films for any object placement in a movie and involves a complex process but with a great look. 

£5.00 each

Photo Slide Show Films

When it comes to how your brands look, cost always plays a part too and snap shots offer services in photo films using your still images. Although not the same as a motion film, photo slide shows can still have an impact on your viewers but playing all the images in sequence without the need to navigation by the user. This is all put together in a clever way to make a professional looking film with visual wording for information and music soundtrack for ambience. Each image is expanded slightly to give use room to zoom in and create movement of the image form left to right to give the feel of a film. 

What is included:

  • ​You get 4 static/animated overlay text for any features you would like the highlight with the option to buy more text options

  • 720 or 1080 HD video

  • 12 images

  • licensed soundtrack

  • branded into and outro with logo or text with contact details

  • approx 1 minute 30 seconds in length

Virtual Staging


When trying to Sell or Let your properties we all know the space without furniture just doesn't feel like a home. With no guidance for a potential buyer to visualise the surroundings, you have much less chance to get a sale with an empty property. Statistics show that there is a greater chance to improve listings with furnished properties rather than being empty with online viewings.

Staging a home in the real world can cost in the excess of 1000s of pounds and with virtual staging we create the home for you to get people interested to visit the property to see the space themselves. Snap shots offer a solution at a very small fraction of that price with thousands of variations and styles when staging a home. 

pre staged (1)
pre staged (1)

staged (9)
staged (9)

staged (6)
staged (6)

pre staged (1)
pre staged (1)


Whats included

  • Items are placed according to the room titles.  Dining table, sideboards, artwork plants, drinks and plates into dining rooms and according to what each room represents

  • When multiple angles of a room are needed we reproduce the same scene and furnishings from alternative angles 

  • Each dressing is priced according to 1 room or 1 photo. With open-plan rooms, An additional £5 per image is charged for the complexity of the staging and editing required for adjacent rooms

  • Images will be delivered to each client online within a minimum of 2 days after the booking

  • Prices are for virtual furnishing and not the photography of the room (Virtual dressing requires a specific quality where all images are evaluated before any staging.

  • A 50% deposit is required for each photo edit due to the complexed work.

  • Credit options available when purchasing larger editing batches and valid up to 4 months to save costs.

1 image 

When you only need 1 image for a key room


5 images

Great option if you only want a few rooms to be furnished


(£33 per image)

10 images

Our most popular option  to fully furnish a 3 bed house


(£32 per image)

15 images

If you have a slightly bugger property or multiple shots of rooms


(£29 per room)