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IMG_2086IMG_2086 At Snap Shots Photos, We believe in offering our clients quality and quantity with a service like no other. The main purpose of our business is to offer a bespoke service to all our clients and listen rather than talk. As a husband and wife team, this is the reason our clients book with us and return year after year because of the level of professionalism and service we offer. We have been in your shoes and know how important your wedding day is, from the littlest details and special touches you spend weeks and months choosing and planning to the big main moments of your day.

Our services with wedding photography are made simple and clear so there are no hidden costs and easy to follow. We operate on an hourly rate and with each hour booked our prices include the photography on the day and the post-editing of each image after your wedding.


Hourly rate of £140

What is included with every booking

  • Private Gallery with all your images to view, share, and download
    with your Family and Friends

  • Private consultation in person or through phone/video chat to discuss
    your wedding day

  • Snap Shots USB with all the edited images for bookings under 5 hours

  •    Personalized USB box with all the images taken and edited (Bookings 5 hours or more)



Discussing the right options with you

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We have a personal consultation to establish what you might be looking for with regards to your wedding photography and always consider your needs while proposing ideas and options as well.                

If our packages do not fulfill your requirements please contact us as we can work towards a budget and present as many options as possible we always visit the venue a month before the wedding to make sure there is no building works and that everything is ok. We do a mock-up shoot of your day to plan for shots and timing. 

While we are there we talk to the planner in regards to do's and dont's as a photographer. We always plan for a wet day shoot as well when we are there. So should the weather change your photos will not be missed. Once we have all the details we send you a timeline of your wedding day from a photography


We are covered

As a Professional Photography Company, we are covered with Public Liability Insurance to cover any accidents to you or your guests throughout services.

This gives our customers that extra level of service to having peace of mind on your very special day. This is one of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer and part of the service we offer. 



It's good to talk

All Packages include a 1-hour pre-wedding consultation to discuss your day. We are always at hand to assist you throughout the planning of your wedding and updating you with plans and ideas for your wedding photography up to the special day. We always listen to you with regards to what shots you like and welcome to ideas and pictures that you see to inspire us and capture exactly what you like.





Booking with us

Your 20% Booking deposit will secure the date so we can get planning on your wedding shoot. This booking deposit will be non-refundable.

The final balance is due 21 days before your event. If the balance has not been paid for your wedding 21 days before the event we will make this booking as incomplete and cancel the booking date. We do not attend a wedding shoot until full payment has been received.  

If our packages do not suit your requirements we can tailor-make your own package by choosing the hours you require us to photograph and what extras you would like.






What you get when booking Snap Shots Photos

With many brands of camera equipment out there we know each has qualities in what they offer and as photographers, we respect what brands offer. Our company only use Canon products because we trust them, have worked with these products for years and know everything about them inside and out


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With all events, our staff uses radio microphones to keep ion contact with each other at all times. Using this method we can discuss ideas, alert each other of opportunities for photos, and is a big of our award-winning service. When using a mic system if each photographer is photographing different groups at a venue, we can remind each other of updates for the day to run smoothly public liabilitypublic liability We are covered by public liability should any problems present themself. We operate with safety as a priority but with most venues not accepting suppliers without insurance, we are covered for our staff and you and your guests. 


**Please Note**

Posting your images on Facebook and social sites

We encourage our clients to upload their images to social websites to show there special day and if and when possible to mention Snap shots would be appreciated. 

Re-editing and altering the images with filters and effects like when using Instagram is strictly prohibited as the images are already edited with Snap shots standards. Further photo manipulation reflects our work in a misleading unprofessional way.  


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